In 2015, the jewellery atelier Di.go evolves into Valentina Callegher, brandname of its designer and owner. Keeping a strong trait d’union with the antique art of handmade jewellery, Valentina Callegher gives her creations  her name and shows her identity: her passion and hard committment result in a complex research for a refined style.

Precious materials and innovative design combine as always with the value of traditional workmanship.


The charm
of innovation

The jewelry master is always an interpreter, not a simple executor, as he works with  „clever“ hands. Hand skills combined with curiosity and professional awarness result into pure creativity.

Innovative machinery and modern techniques led by traditional knowledge help optimize times and costs  of production which are also important on today’s market.

By the way, technology is never standardization, because Valentina Callegher turns gold, precious stones and pearls into unique and tailor made  pieces of art.
This is the  well known „made in Italy“ par excellence, which perfectly meets the taste of the international consumer  and the evolving trends of the world market.


Expert hands, digital design and high knowledge of precious materials : this is how Valentina Callegher can give shape to tailor made  pieces, upon request. Each stone needs a touch of personality to enhance its beauty, a special design to underline its shape and principal features.

The design team  is very attentive to customers‘  requests and follows carefully each step of the production of the ordered masterpiece from the sketch to the finishing.

The final result has to be a perfect tailor made piece, to be worn as a top fashion accessory.

Real elegance
can renew tradition

Life in color

Life in color

Precious weaves in four different collections


Where the protagonist is a woman with an elegant charm
Haute Couture

Haute Couture

Delicate and precious lines for inimitable jewels
Pearl style

Pearl style

From the sea, iridesent reflections of unique pearls
« »

New colour nuances and unusual cromatic combinations for the fall/winter edition of Swing and Fireworks collections.

Our partners

Valentina Callegher’s strong identity needs a special care for the corporate image and for the customer service

Our partners has always a direct link with our atelier and can rely on customized services for any request

This is, in our opinion, the best way to give value to our job and to reward our international and Italian customers for choosing us

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